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Visa corporate card and employee credit card
Climbing the corporate ladder? Then don’t slip on a corporate credit card.
Used wisely, corporate credit cards can help you simultaneously achieve career goals and reap personal perks. Used poorly, they can lead to a corporate free-fall, or at least a drop of a few rungs.
Corporate credit cards and employee credit bank card
What is a corporate credit card?
Corporate credit cards are a distinct group within the greater credit card universe, separate from both personal and small business bank credit cards. Companies may provide their employees with corporate cards for the payment of approved, business-related expenses, most often travel-related. Usually issued in the company’s name, corporate cards also display the name of the individual employee cardholder.
(Visa corporate card and employee credit card)
Unlike personal and small business cards, corporate credit cards are offered by only a few issuers. Corporate credit bank card accounts are generally established by businesses using a banking relationship or via a deal negotiated directly with a card issuer. In developing such a relationship, the company’s credit is considered, just as an individual’s credit is considered when applying for a consumer credit card.
Two types of corporate credit cards
When it comes to payment, corporate cards fall into two categories: individual payment cards and company payment cards. Employees who are issued an individual payment card are responsible for submitting their own expense reports, based on company policy, and paying the issuer directly for any charges. With company-payment cards, the employer picks up the tab for all company-sanctioned charges. The employee may still pay the issuer directly for any unapproved or personal charges

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